The 400 Blows (1959)

"These days, relationships with neighbors can be… quite complicated."  
The Tenant  (France | 1976)
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Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), 2006 (dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)

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And that’s the point, that we all have stories. The hopes and dreams of the common man are as noble as those of any king. It’s the stuff of life, why shouldn’t it be the stuff of theater? Goddamnit, why should that be a hard pill to swallow? Don’t call it new theater, Charlie; call it real theater. Call it our theater. -Barton Fink.

I wanted Claire to be the last one to die because Claire is the artist, Claire is the one who sees story. She sees the bigger picture. And because the series started with somebody in a car ending their life, I wanted to do somebody in a car driving off into their new life, into their new horizon.  - Alan Ball

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I said: They WON’T make a movie at least 

I’ve read it’ll be a graphic novel and I’m okay with that but I don’t want a movie, it’d be such a mess lol

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have you seen zulawski's possession?

Nope sry

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Opinions on the announcement of Fight Club 2?

what WHAT I didn’t know about that 

I think fight club has the perfect ending, sequel is so no needed 

(tho they won’t make movie at least, let’s keep hope in Palahniuk

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